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2004-09-21 - 7:06 p.m.


Last night I drowned out the sounds of my roommate’s fucking with the sweet, playful voice of Ella Fitzgerald. How I could’ve lived without knowing her music until the age of 26 is beyond me. Have you ever stumbled into some old jazz or blues shit and thought, how did I exist without knowing about this? You're sitting there listening to it, and it's so perfect, you marvel at the fact that in another dimension, you're sitting there listening to a song, but it's not this one. And it's this one that's making this moment what it is, so it wouldn't have have been the same type of moment in that other universe. You dig?

But here’s the thing: when you’re turned on to an artist who’s deceased, but has a huge catalog: what CDs do you buy? I have Ella Fitzgerald, the Diva Series. It has so many great songs on it, but when I picked up another compilation disk, it had many of the same songs, but a few that weren’t on the Diva Series disk. So what do you do, buy a bunch of compilation CDs and end up with five versions of the same song? You’ll have the same problem with Simone, Hendrix, Ellington, or Coltrane. It’s crazy. I need a solution. If you’ve got the answer, hit "Contact Me," goddamnit, and let me know how you’ve addressed this.




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