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2004-09-16 - 11:41 a.m.


I found my Greatest Hits of Stevie Nicks CD in my Pablo Honey case. I find it odd that listening to Stevie gave me a hankering to hear Radiohead. How does that work?

Ick. I feel like a loser when all I’ve done during the week is work, work out, and homework. Boring. I think I’ll catch the Angie Stone/Anthony Hamilton show. They’re both bringing the funk, so it should be a good way to pass an evening.

Real World Philadelphia is dumb. I should be over Real World, but I end up watching it every year. There have been a lot of speeches in the vein of (said like a country boy), “Ya know, I really don’t know any gay people, but you’re actually pretty cool.” If someone said that to me I’d be like, “Um yeah, thanks for your approval jackass. I couldn’t have slept tonight without it.” The girl with the big fake tits has absolutely no shame, and the way she throws herself at curly haired boy is embarrassing to watch. What’s so great about him anyway? He walks like a fucking cartoon, chest jutting forward, arms slightly flexed. We get it dude. You’re a jock. Yay. But since it was filmed in Philly I feel obligated to tune in. They cast is into clubbing, so I’ve seen a lot of the places they’re frequenting, but I haven’t been inside any of them, except for Shampoo on gay night. In case you haven’t figured it out, I am AgentCrunked’s favorite fruitfly. I’m not his hag, because according to him, hags are ugly, fruitflies are hot.

Brigitte Nielsen scares me, too. She’s nine feet tall with a back like a linebacker and she’ll kick your ass. But not in a “girls kick ass” kind of way. More like a man with a vagina. Mangina?

Since I’m on this TV tip, I finally got around to watching this week’s nip/tuck. Nasty! That show gets nastier every fucking week. I love it. The guy who used to be on Witchblade’s girlfriend is boffing her own son! Eew. When they were kissing, I swallowed down the small amount of puke that rose in my mouth.


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