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2004-09-13 - 11:01 a.m.


Citizen Copeís new album is out, and Iím totally digging it. I liked his music from the first time I heard it, opening for Nelly Furtado a few years ago (yes, I succumbed to ďIím like a birdĒ). He was a slightly dirty looking dude on a stool, armed only with an acoustic guitar. Most of the audience talked through his first few songs, but by the fourth song the only thing you could hear was his voice: a kind of melancholy, lamenting, powerful force. Each one of his songs was a well-told story set to folk-funk music. Hot. I loved it, bought the CD, and waited for him to blow up. But it never happened. Now heís on another label and his new album just dropped. Go buy it. If you live in Philly, heís playing at the Tin Angel on Wednesday. While heís dropping that funk on your ass, Iíll be giving a presentation on the theories of writing. Yay.

Also at Best Buy, The Honey bought the new Danzig. After looking at the song titles, I asked him if he had some sort of relationship with Satan. He said no, but after he fell asleep I meticulously checked his body for the mark of a pitchfork, a hoof, or a 666. Kidding (sort of).

I also picked up TV on the Radio. Fuck you, I know Iím late on that one. I only listened to half of it, but Iím hooked. Itís definitely something different. I just hate getting into a band that I really dig, only to have the first album be the last. I mean, am I the only one who looked forward to the next offering from Res? Did anyone else yearn to hear Roseyís follow-up? Iíll admit, I even fell for that white version of Maxwell, Remy Shand. That shitís all from two years ago, so Iíve given up on hearing more from them. Now I fear for Toby Lightman, who released a cover of Mary J. Bligeís ďReal LoveĒ rather than one of the more poignant, original songs from her album. And whereís the next CD from Damien Rice? I felt ripped off when I saw heíd released a B-sides, with three different versions of the same song and four new ones.

Oh well. At least The Mars Volta have a new album coming out, ďFrances the Mute.Ē Canít wait.

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