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2004-08-19 - 12:12 p.m.


“Hey, we might get around to seeing Harold and Kumar tonight, if you want to come,” I said to my roommate.

“Oh, that movie with the two chinks?” she replied.

Eew! Who says that? It’s actually an Asian guy and an Indian guy. What a douche. For every person I meet who’s cool, I meet another one who appears not to make race an issue, but who’ll end up saying something utterly ignorant.

Later that day I’m wasting time on the Web, and I come across this site on which a guy relates the story of a little boy who chocked on popcorn while watching Alien v. Predator. The blogger made a snide remark about black people taking their children to inappropriate movies and said they didn’t hear him dying b/c they were too busy yelling at the screen. I won’t say the name of the site because I don’t want to encourage this cocksucker, but suffice it to say that a previous entry described the amusing times this jackoff has while using a CB radio, referring to himself as The Cocksman. He’s obviously a trailer park trash piece of shit so low on the totem pole of life he has to find someone to look down on. In his effort to elevate himself from the bottom feeder pice of shit that he is, he mocks two people whose child is now dead.Way to go fuckjob.

This post is pretty negative. Perhaps it’s because I skipped yoga this week.

I was reading this guy’s blog, and it reminded me of this kid I knew with Tourette’s. I think his name was Pat, and his hair looked like it had been barbered with a butcher knife. His two front teeth protruded from his gums at a 30 degree angle. He used to call me the N word, but then again, he called everyone by his or her matching racial slur, and for white people like himself, he called them bitches or assholes. He was an equal opportunity heckler. He lived in the worst apartment complex on our bus route, so I figured he was just repeating things he’d heard his parents say. He sniffed a lot, and did this weird throat-coughing thing. When we were in middle school, we got into a fight when he called me a “N----- bitch.” I punched him in the face, because it didn’t seem like his Tourette’s that day; he was saying it so the guys would think he was cool. He swatted at me like a girl, and I think I broke his glasses. Or maybe he broke mine. Whatevs. I received in-school suspension for there days, but it was well worth it. I wonder what ever happened to that kid.


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